Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Help Around the House

I've been spoiled...rotten - please react with shock and surprise.  I have had help keeping my house clean, my grass cut, and my trees pruned.  I have always been able to justify it with a busy work schedule, allergies, and lack of desire.  I managed to carry on this way for 9 months after I quit working, afterall I have been quite busy with my baby!  But finally, the day came that with much sadness I decided it was time to do my own "chores". 

Luckily, it hasn't lasted long. I have help again, and let me tell you this help is quite efficient.  Just try and stop him in fact!  Once he sets his mind to it, it's going to get done, and he has some very creative ideas about our chores too. 
For example, I haven't always unloaded the dirty dishes from the dishwasher, I never really saw the point, but clearly as this video shows I was wrong.

And he doesn't just do dishes either, he's learned to help with the laundry...and he loves this particular task, just try and take the laundry out of the dryer and not get his help.  I can't sneak this one past him,  he treats the front load washer and dryer units like his own little movie house.  If he hears either turn on, he finds a way to get to them ASAP, and often I find him in his walker, watching them go round and round - jamming Goldfish crackers in as fast as he can.

And once the laundry basket is filled, it's time to ditch the walker, and get to work.

And I've been using his socks, as a Swiffer for some time, but he's big enough to carry the Swiffer now...

I can only imagine what he might tackle next... ;)



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