Wednesday, January 26, 2011

9 Months Old!

Are you starting to wonder, is she seriously going to post something EVERY time the kid is a month older?  And the answer is -

Sloan is 9 months old, he's now been here officially as long as it took me to get him here.   And  I must say I have enjoyed the last 9 months a lot more that the previous 9 months.  It has officially been 9 months since the smell of fish, chicken, or the taste of a bagel made me sick to my stomach - and as Martha would say, that's a good thing.

January was a very quiet month for us, I have been taking an online Scrapbook design course, and I have literally done nothing but scrapbook, and shop for scrapbooking supplies.  And, happily, Sloan's napping has finally reached the 1 hour mark pretty regularly, so I have had the opportunity to do so.  I thought about working while he was sleeping, or cleaning, or organizing, but no I have settled into my cozy craft room, and barely left.  Thank goodness Reg doesn't read my blog, because I employed tactics I was made aware of by a friend, - just move the vacuum from room to room, leave cleaning supplies in various spots, and voila! It will be assumed that I have been busy all day, and I can not be held responsible for what people assume.

Sloan had a busy month too - he moved out of his infant car seat into his big boy seat - which was bittersweet for me.  I like not hauling that arm breaking car seat around, but when it's cold out, it's been hard to bundle him up properly while we make the mad dash into the scrapbook store. 

And on the 15th - he said "Mom, I love you, you are the best Mom ever!" It was so sweet, others who have heard it thinks he says "Mom-Mom" or "Mom", but I know he really is saying the other, and it melts my heart.

He also got his front 2 teeth on the 16th and 17th, only 14 weeks after getting his bottom 2, I was starting to think he wasn't going to get any more teeth.  I was tickling him while changing his diaper, and couldn't believe my eyes, I could see the teeth, although they weren't quite through, but there was no doubt, and he was giggling and smiling, and I honestly couldn't have said he was teething - quite the trooper.

I also started him on some different foods which has been fun - this kid loves Multi-grain and flax toast.  And he loves that he can feed himself.  And fruit cups (peaches are a favorite), and the cutest, is steamed carrot sticks that he attempts to dip in guacamole - it's adorable, but messy.  And already he knows to just lick the dip off, and leave the carrot...Drew must have taught him that one.

He's really enjoying playing with his toys now, and will sit happily on the living room toy and bang away at his piano for a long time, actually any music brings a big smile to his face.

His favorite time of day is bath time, he will spend as much time as I will let him in the bath tub (the kitchen sink, he actually doesn't like the big tub), and is quite happy to eat blueberries, play with his toys, and has learned to turn the water off (things will change when he learns to turn it on trust me).

Is that not the cutest little butt you have ever seen?

And no, he's not crawling, not scooting, has little interest in rolling (unless he's on his tummy, then his interest is very high), he's just very content to sit and play.  And if you are willing to help him stand he's all over that.

Love,  Julie

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sloan Moves Out

I have been giggling away to myself for the last couple of weeks, reading Facebook posts by Moms who are still pregnant, stressing out that the baby's room isn't ready yet. I've been giggling because Sloan's room isn't ready yet either, and I guess it's either laugh or cry.

At 7 months old, his crib was tucked into the corner of what used to be our room, but suspciously has turned into Sloan's room.  And at the 7 1/2 month old mark, on a whim, on Sunday morning, I decided it was time to make the move.   And voila! 10 minutes later, the move was complete, the door hung back up.
It might have been too easy,  I started to anticipate a  meltdown due to the big move.  His crib had  moved 7 feet,  through a wall, and right into the room we had spent most of his waking time -  I was prepared for sleepless nights, and to end up with a baby tucked right in beside me at night.  (I might have even been looking forward to a little cuddling).  What did I get?  Nothing.  There was no disruption in sleep, and in fact even his naps got a little longer, and all of a sudden his 11 hours of sleep at night turned into 12.  But did I decorate his room?  Did I give into the fact, that my baby didn't need me at night?  No way.  I kept his clothes in my dresser, and I kept the filing cabinet and bookshelf in his room, I changed nothing else.  For 6 weeks.

Finally this past weekend, I decorated hit room, Sloan's "Nursery" is finally ready for him! 

I am very lucky to have some very talented people in Sloan's life, so many of these things were handmade for Sloan, it's quite the cozy room thanks to their efforts.
Cheryl Morison quilted this cowboy cozy blanket for Sloan.

My Auntie Mona actually made this toybox for Blake, and I never got around to finishing it, it was high time I did something with it!  A lady whose work I LOVE in Pennsylvania, made this cupboard, and when I was down there last year,  I organized a skid of baby furniture, (thanks Terry for hauling it home for me), and I let the shopping commence.

  I love the built in toy box on the bottom, another handcrafted piece from Pennsylvania.

My friend Don, made this change table for Sloan...and did such a great job. It's the sturdiest change table I have ever seen, and I love the "S".  Don also made this shelf for his wall.  Don's arrangment with me, is he builds, I paint, so I've been busy painting.
This is antique desk I also found in Pennsylvania, now when I put this on the skid for 7 months pregnant, I got a few strange looks, as I explained it was for my baby.  And the truth be known, all the other pieces in the room where really painted to match this desk.

And just so I wasn't without a contribution to his room, I decorated up some wooden letters, and found a place for some scrapbook pages.

It's nice to finally have it all collected and together in one room.  Next actually move his clothes out of our room...but I don't want to rush into anything ;)


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

In the midst of the Christmas Season, Sloan also hit the 8 month mark.  We were a few days late (gasp!)taking our monthly photos.   

He's showing no interest in crawling, he is happy to just sit on the floor, and if he can't reach a toy - oh well!  He's such a happy and content baby, nothing really gets under his skin, so it's hard to entice him move.  If I lay him on his tummy, he looks up at me, and rolls onto his back, usually within about 15 seconds.  I keep telling him, it's hard to learn to crawl on your back, but he just doesn't care.

Drew, on the other hand, is ready for him to crawl.  She has been giving him lessons and pointers to help out.  She has shown him that you have to be on your tummy, push up your front, then your bum, and move your legs and arms - She say's it's easy! But he just smiles at her too, and then rolls over.

I'm starting to wonder if he isn't more interested in walking than crawling, he really thinks he's quite something when he's standing, usually grinning from ear to ear.  And sometimes he locks his legs so much I can't get him to sit down. 

We all know how he loves to prove me wrong, but I'm going to say it anyway.  I vote for crawling over walking - he'll be lower to the ground, (for those of you who have been to my house, you know this would be easier to manage), making my "Don't touch Mommy's things" training a little easier.  Plus, crawling is so cute - I can already see the photo opportunities developing.
I've heard babies "scoot" sometimes first,  before crawling or walking.  So I got him a scooter! 
Ok, this was the photo studio's scooter, but he did get his first John Deere tractor for Christmas, a dinosaur, and a walker - and they are all broken!  I can make them go forwards, but for Sloan they only have reverse.  It's so cute.

I had a few moments to reflect on New Year's Eve - since we weren't busy doing anything else.  Four years ago, Reg & I travelled to Aspen, Colorado, and had the best week of skiing, snowboarding, dogsledding, eating, and just hanging out with friends.  We rang in the New Year with a fancy meal, and a big party.  The following year, we celebrated our wedding on New Year's Eve, we had 150 of our friends and family to ring in the New Year with - such a fun party.  Last year, Reg went to a party at Keith & Brenda's, while I stayed home sick (read: pregnant, tired etc).  And this year, we watched the ball drop in Times Square at 10:00, and were asleep by 10:18.  

One more confirmation that A Baby Changes Everything.

However, we also had the happiest little New Year's Baby to help us start 2011, and what could be better than that?

Love,  Julie