Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Cutest Kid

I have shamelessly entered my baby in Calgary's Cutest Kid Contest.   It is hosted by Virgin 98.5 radio, and it has amazing prizes and bragging rights.  But here is the real reason I entered it.  "Calgary's Best Baby" of 1951 was none other than Sloan's namesake, my Dad, Ron Giles.  Here is his winning photo!

And we thought Sloan had a lot of hair!!

It is actually something that comes up in my family from time to time, how "Ronny won the Best Baby Contest", and not wanting to rob Sloan of those same bragging rights.  I figured it was my duty to enter him too.

Here are the photos I selected...luckily I had a few pictures to pick from :)

That is a seriously cute kid (his mother said beaming :))

This just in...We interrupt this blog for some shameless promotion of said contest. We have completed the first two weeks of voting, and the babies have been narrowed down from 1334 entrants to the final 98.  And thanks to all of our amazing friends, family, and co-workers, Sloan has made it to the final 98! You guys rock!  Thank you so much!!  And the good news is, you get to keep voting!

Round 2 has begun, please vote, as often as you can.  You can vote from the same computer every few hours, and the link to do so is
Thanks for your support, your votes, and for reading my blog! :) 



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